Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Fox is Watching the Hen House

Boy, just when you think the Good Ol’ Boy Club can’t get any dumber, they up and pull a new trick out of their rectums. I see that one of our local ob/gyns, Andrew Rutland, who was accused of negligence in the death of two babies, has had his license reinstated by the Medical Board of California after only five years.

Mind you, the state investigated him for two years and accused him of negligence, misconduct, and incompetence in the treatment of 20 pregnant women. What’s worse is the guy admitted responsibility for the death of a baby who suffered a torn spinal cord and died a week after she was delivered by forceps. Furthermore, he decided not to contest the other accusations of the death of another baby, scaring patients into having unnecessary hysterectomies, botching surgeries, lying to patients, falsifying medical records, over prescribing painkillers, and having sex with a patient in his office.

During his little “time out,” Rutland completed courses on ethics and record-keeping. Just to show how tough the medical board is, they’ve thrown a five-year probation at Rutland, he has to pay $37,000 to the Medical Board to cover the costs of their investigation, he has to pass an exam, he won’t be allowed a solo practice, and a monitor will be appointed at Rutland’s expense to “periodically” watch over his practice.

So there you have it, folks. In California, you can kill babies, lie, cheat, be incompetent, and immoral, and be granted a free pass back into the medical world. With “help” like this from the Medical Board, I have to wonder why the fox is allowed to watch the hen house?


#1 Dinosaur said...

Sounds like criminal charges would be more appropriate here. Not much call for paps in a (male) prison.

Chumplet said...

That boggles the mind. Is the shortage that bad?

I hope they splash his name all over the papers so nobody makes an appointment with the loser.

mark a said...

Couldn't agree more with Dino and Chumplet. The sad fact of the matter is that so many patients choose a provider based on convenience, how close is he/she to my home, rather than checking out credentials.

Lynn Price said...

I agree, Dino. The good doc should be a guest of Orange County's finest and be the beneficiary of his own proctology exam.

Chumplet, his name was splashed large in the newspaper. But if one failed to see the article, well, they're risking quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad world when people who contribute so little to society and have such little education about facts in a matter can make without recompense such negative comments. It’s also sad when people depend on a small, biased, right-wing newspaper for their sole source of information, rather than court records, expert opinions, and jury judgments in favor of Dr. Rutland.
Thanks to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (only in America). The fact is Dr. Rutland is probably the most educated and patriotic citizen lynn price has had the privilege to comment upon. Jealousy and envy plus prejudice (racial) are well known to cloud the clear objective perception and vision of many "self-proclaimed" authors.
Dr. Rutland is Lt. Col. in the U.S.A.F. reserve; a Medical Doctor and holds a Law degree from a respected USA law school. He has contributed more than 31 years of excellent care to many extremely grateful families and patients. It's kinda sad to realize that God forgot to make him perfect. Maybe if he were perfect he would come close to meeting the standards of lynn price since he has already met those of the CA Medical Board and their experts.
Since I know that Dr. Rutland is a caring Christian, I'm sure if he ever reads these blogs he will pray for lynn price and the bloggers to receive kindness in the eyes their Maker.

Lynn Price said...

It's kinda sad to realize that God forgot to make him perfect.

I don't believe anyone is perfect. But I do ask that they be competent. I'm funny that way.