Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stuck like glue

For some reason my son’s beagle has ever really liked me. I chalked it up to a slipped gene or that she is an incredibly good judge of character. Whatever the reason, it all came crashing in after her little trip to the vet so she wouldn’t be able to make baby beagles. After her return the following day, she was in pain and, despite her pain pills, she howled. As much as she hates me, I felt so sorry for her.

She must have still been on a contact high from the anesthesia because she oh-so-gently got up on the couch and curled next to me, shivering and shaking. So I Reiki’d her. She looked up at me as if to say, “What the hell are you doing, you nutjob?” She always looks at me that way.

I told her to relax. And she did. In fact, she went out like a light. I’ve never Reiki’d a dog before, and I found it amusing that she soaked up the energy just like humans do. After about a half hour, the energy degraded, and I declared her officially lasered and half-baked.

Well, wouldn’t I know it, but now I have a new best friend. She follows me everywhere. She even sleeps with us; not on our bed but under the covers. She even told my dog where to get off when she jumped on our bed to snuggle.

So now I know how to win over temperamental beagles. Reiki 'em once, they love you for life. If only it was that easy to win over docs...

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