Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New pain study

Doctors at Georgetown University Medical Center are researching the link between general anesthesia and post surgical pain. Their research indicates that anesthesia drugs sensitize nerves that sense pain and cause inflammation, creating more pain post surgically. Wow.

This is why Reiki is so effective on pre- and post surgical patients. Data have shown that Reiki works to balance the drugs being ingested. I’ve seen a number of Reiki masters work at the feet of patients in the hospital post surgically in order to help the patient metabolize the affects of anesthesia (tooties and feetsies are the hot point for metabolism). Doctors have reported that these patients often come out of anesthesia much more easily and experience less pain and swelling.

That such a benign and gentle practice can make such huge inroads to how a patient recovers makes for fascinating research and, quite frankly, puts the jam in my jelly doughnut. I’m thrilled that the fact-finding continues. I’d love for these docs at Georgetown to take a step further and toss in a few Reiki masters to see how patients react.

Hmm…I do adore Washington

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