Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Feel Another Boston Tea Party Coming On

I just heard from my niece, who is very upset about her professional future – the future she’s spent years to obtain. Her official title with the group of oncologists she works for is Nurse, but they refer to her Goddess In White because she’s so wonderful with their patients. They wouldn’t dream of hospitalizing one of their patients without her. Unfortunately, that is exactly what might happen.

The docs called a meeting of the entire staff to tell them they’re not sure if they’ll be able to stay in business. This, in spite of a thriving and well-respected practice. How is this possible? The insurance companies have once again LOWERED the amount of money they’ll receive, and it’s driving them out of business. Am I the only one who finds this incredible?

In a world where our medical health is dependent upon the bright minds of those dedicated to healing, does it make sense to drive them out of business? Insurance companies have grown with their power and arrogance and their philosophy seems to be, “If it weren’t for the damned doctors, we’d be even richer.” I guess they’d like to outlaw being sick as well.

With all the talk about insurance reform, has anyone brought up the fact that the docs are being financially hit below the belt? Does anyone give enough of a shit to stop this madness? Yes, I’m upset because it’s not just my medical ass on the line, but my mother, my dad, my aunt, some very dear friends, my husband.

It’s a world gone mad whereby we allow a group of non-medical people to band together and dictate how much a doctor is allowed to make. Remember good old Hillary saying how she felt doctors made too much money during her insurance takeover bid? Who is she to say who makes too much money? Is this freedom? Is this America?

In typical fashion, insurance companies and politicians are creating an irreversible situation, and I can see the day where there will be a hand-scrawled note on an empty hospital door that says, “Will the last doc left please turn out the lights?”

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SeaSpray said...

Well Said!