Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quick Signing Update

While those are two hours I’ll never get back, I did sell a number of books and talked to some nice people. I also know where they stack the Reference books (it’s on the southwest corner) and the location of the bathroom (back of the store, near the kids’ books).

How do I know these pearls of wisdom? It was easier to find out rather than repeating over and over that I don’t freaking work there – I’m here for a book signing already! Don’t you see the stacks books sitting right in front of me? Yes, yes, right next to my picture and poster that says “Author Lynn Price Signing Today.” See the pen in my hand? It’s to autograph your copy should you be so inspired to lay down a few shekels.

Bah, nevermind. You’ll find books about oceanography across from the cash register.

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