Friday, May 25, 2007

Serious Schmerious

I’ve had a couple really good posts started regarding the integrative medicine debate, but I’m feeling too saucy right now to finish them. Talking about serious issues requires serious thoughts, and I’m not in the mood for serious. For the first time in my little life, I’m an award-winning author. Despite how this must sound – like an ego driven scud – I’m savoring the moment because a group of important people decided my work was the best, and, damn, it feels real nice.

But it’s more than the accolades over my style, dialog and plot. It’s knowing that this story will be read and people will have the opportunity to think about medicine in a whole different way. I wrote it, but it’s Kim’s and Erik’s story. Sure, they’re fictional, though any writer will tell you they feel as real as your best friend, but the idea of them is very real and being played out in hospitals all over America.

So I’m going to go to New York and accept my gold medal. I have a fancy schmancy new outfit that even my 20 yr.-old daughter approves of. I’m going to hug my hubby and my two kids, accept the back-slapping "atta-girl" from our company's distributor, drink some champagne and have a great time. And after the long week of showing at the BEA is over, I’m going to come home and finish Book 2.

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