Friday, July 13, 2007

Socialized Medicine – the Great Savior

Name two places where you’d rather have your teeth pulled with a rusty set of pliers than step inside their establishment. My hot buttons are the DMV and the Post Office. Nowhere can I be guaranteed less efficiency and a disproportionate serving of malaise and disinterest at premium prices.

Conversely, if I go to a supermarket and dislike their service or prices, I can go across the street. I can do this because I live in a (relatively) free market where competition and choice control quality and pricing.

Monopolies offer zero incentive to offer efficient services at competitive prices because all choice has been eliminated. And this is what socialized medicine does. And they want to dip into your pocket to make it happen.

Who do you want controlling your healthcare?

  • During the heat wave in France when 13,000 people died, the hospitals were overwhelmed and stopped answering their phones. Ambulance drivers told victims they were on their own and had to take care of themselves.
  • The Canadians don’t want us to emulate them because they’ll have nowhere to go for their own medical care.
  • And speaking of our friends to the north, I have a Canadian friend who suffered a serious heart attack while visiting us. His insurance company refused to allow the hospital to treat him (he needed an immediate angioplasty). Our docs were only allowed to stabilize him and slap him on a plane bound for Canada. I was furious and asked the caring Canadian insurance agent what he’d do if my friend died en route. Ah, c’est la vie. Life is cheap in Canada, and so is their insurance program.

Michael Moore, you are welcome to pack your little bags and your lovely little ideas and move to France or Canada where you can live the dream. As for me, I want my choice of supermarkets.

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