Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why, yes, of course I'm important...

One of our books, The War of the Rosens by Janice Eidus is being reviewed by the NY Times. Our company, Behler Publications, is still in the Little Spud category, so this is pretty cool news. Sure, we’ve received reviews from the big trade magazines, but it’s not on a consistent level. Yet.

But the NY Times? Talk about surreal.

Our office is at home. We’re lucky, we have a big house with a huge office that overlooks our neighborhood. With our editors and marketing people spread out all over, it makes good sense. It's also great fun when I’m in a snoopy mood. I can tell you if my neighbor has busted her diet and when Junior from across the street really came home.

So it was no big deal when the mobile pet groomer arrived at our house the other day. I was busy plugging her extension cord into our garage wall while she was off trying to corral my dog. The business line rang - it was the assistant to the editor of the NY Times. The NY Freaking Times! She was falling all over herself asking who to contact about getting an ARC of the book because her editor wanted to read it. Meanwhile, in the background, you can hear the groomer chasing my dog down: "Mae West, come here, sweetie, ready for your groommie?" along with the requisite kissey sounds.

I nearly laughed up a lung at the dichotomy. I cleared my throat and gave the editor's assistant a very professional, "I can help you with that."

Gawd, if they only knew what unglamorous lives we lead.

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