Monday, November 12, 2007

Revisiting 1977 with JC Penny's

This blog entry is for anyone who was being cool in 1977. I nearly laughed up a lung. Here's a teaser. Oh, and make sure you're not eating or drinking anything.


911DOC said...

i saw this too. just awesome.

Lynn Price said...

How lucky I was to be living outside the country in '77. Best I could come up with back then was a very fashionable chadoor.

Rich said...

I was a teen in 77 but I swear I never wore any of those clothes.

like your blog!!

Lynn Price said...

Thanks, Rich. Come visit any time.

SeaSpray said...

Lynn- that catalog was hilarious! How did u find that?

My aunt and uncle had a table set like that in their lake house which was a very rustic log cabin on the lake. You could open the top of the seats and they stored games in them. I actually thought that set was neat.

The CLOTHES! I remember adult relatives wearing things like that. UGLY!!! The woman with the green top looks like a hospital volunteer. I was a gap girl or pretty dresses and definitely not that stuff...BUT my husband and I did have matching ski sweaters! That was fun though. I just saw them in the attic and they are in mint condition. :)

That was fun Lynn. :)

SeaSpray said...

Oh and the people on Love Boat wore that stuff. YIKES! Big plaid sports jackets...scares me. Or looks like clown clothing.

Thumbs down for the designers.