Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When Human Nature Blows My Doors Off

While I tend to look for the humorous side of life, I never cease to be shocked and amazed. That’s why I love medblogs so much – docs shock the crap out me all the time with their vast array of knowledge. Me? I’m lucky to remember where I parked my car when I leave the Batcave and visit the mall.

So while mainstreaming some caffeine into my bloodstream this morning via a wonderful new IV device created by the good folks at M.D.O.D., I read this article about a little girl who was born with 8 limbs! Eight freaking limbs! Can you imagine? 4 legs, 4 arms. In an incredible feat of the human body, this little girl ABSORBED an undeveloped twin. Well, almost absorbed. Surgeons were able to remove the extra limbs with no problems.

Okay, I’m thinking, no physical problems. As a writer, my imagination runs rampant at the possibilities of writing about the mental aspects of absorbing another human being. Was it a human being? Did it have a soul? You hear those stories about how twins have that in utero thing going on. I don’t write science fiction, but, boyo, my thoughts run overtime. Or a thriller? Horror? Gah. I write personal journey type books – ooo, now that could have some great potential. Or what about metaphysical (I hear my doc buds gagging now), or possibly religious. Nope, don’t do that either.

Since I write about docs, maybe their perspective would be a cool angle. However I slice it – oh dear Lord, what a horrible pun – it’s a fascinating story. On the other hand, maybe I should strap my IV back in and mainstream some yogurt.

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mark's tails said...

If you think that is cool have you seen this story yet?;jsessionid=MLYGYKBGOGQ2DQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/12/wtree112.xml

Sadly posting links in messages doesn't work so well for me so I hope it still shows up. If not I posted a link to it on my blog the post is called "TREEting Wart tails"