Saturday, February 09, 2008

New employee to the rescue

Yessiree, I’ve been wishing for extra help for my day job – someone who would answer phones, take messages, file, be my all around gopher. My prayers have been answered…

Scroll down…

Yep, she’s tops. Her name is Lola. Pay comes in the form of walkies and kibble. Wish I could convince our editors and cover designers to charge the same fee.

You’re wondering if your eyes are deceiving you. Is that a diaper she’s wearing? Why yes, yes it is. She’s in heat. You just haven’t lived until you’ve diapered a dog. I wonder if she gets PMS? Or cramps? As long as she doesn’t ask for a day off on account of “the Curse,” I’m good.

P.S. This is my son’s dog. Cute as a bug’s ear. But can’t staple worth a tinker’s damn.

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