Friday, February 22, 2008

NO! Say in ain't so

I'm bereft. No, I haven't been slimed by my beloved docs recently about integrative medicine. It's worse. Much worse. Jessie L. Marin / Ed Green is leaving Law and Order. How can this happen? This borders on a national tragedy, and I'm ill prepared to cope. I love Ed. He's so cool and always gets his perp. This calls for the heavy artillery. Quick, someone hand me my therapeutic smelling salts, my Reiki mentor, some acupuncture needles, a biofeedback technician, my favorite guided imagery tapes, and a yoga mat.


#1 Dinosaur said...

There, there; that's how we felt when Lenny left, too, but we survived. Chin up; here, have some Mona Vie.

Lynn Price said...

Ach, I'm still wearing a black armband in honor of Lenny.

have some Mona Vie.

Bless you. You're a true friend.

mark's tails said...

The cast changes on this show so often you'd had to figure he'd be leaving at some point. Though I agree, he was one of my favorites as well.

How does Mona Vie taste with a bit of Jack Daniels?

Lynn Price said...

I know how often they change folks out, but there are The Untouchables - Ed, Lennie, Jack. None of them may leave without my permission. I need to go lie down.

How does Mona Vie taste with a bit of Jack Daniels?

Hey, I don't know, but you can be sure I'll give it a whirl. *Hic*