Thursday, March 06, 2008

Reiki - Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy

As is the wont of most twenty-five-year-olds, my son considers himself indestructible. Bully for him – except when he’s challenging a mountain and a rail armed with a snowboard and no helmet. Guess who won? A broken clavicle in four places landed him in surgery this past Monday.

The nurses took him back and got him prepped. It was at this point he got pretty nervous, so I went back and Reiki’d him like crazy. The energy poured out of me, and he soaked it up like a sponge. After a few minutes he went from anxious, to completely relaxed, to the point of snozzing off into a deep meditative state.

Okay, that was cool, but I’ve done that before. Here’s the funky part; I happened to be working on the soles of his feet when the anesthesiologist came in to give him his pre-surgical cocktail. The minute the drugs left the tubing and went into his veins, the energy shot out of my hands like fire. I mean, it ramped up like I’ve never felt before. My hands and my son’s feet tingled and burned. It’s like the energy knew the drugs had entered his body and set about doing its thing. I’ve never done Reiki in the midst of an injection before, and this gave me a front row seat to witnessing an intelligent energy knowing far more than I. I’m merely the conduit.

Truly amazing. Truly humbling.

The medical personnel was great. No one whistled the Twilight Zone theme song. In fact, the OR nurse grinned when she found out I was doing Reiki and said, "Oh, I love that stuff!"

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Pamela Miles said...

As a mother and a Reiki practitioner, I love this post, and as someone who frequently collaborates in medical settings and has offered Reiki during open heart surgery, I have had similar experiences.

The more health care professionals witness patients benefiting from Reiki treatment, the more open they become to the use of Reiki. In emergency situations, when we are often unable to put our Reiki hands where we think they are most needed, the impact of a Reiki hand anywhere on the body can often be seen very fast. Because Reiki contact precipitates a system-wide, holistic response, the more unbalanced the patient, the more dramatic the response. Which is why Reiki treatments given by staff in hospitals, often no more than 15-20 minutes, can bring observable benefits.