Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reiki - you get as good as you give

“So what the hell did you do to my nurse?”

Mark, my ER doc buddy was in a lather. Well, not really, since he was also a benefactor. “I initiated her into first degree Reiki. So?”

He waved his arms around and nearly spilled his coffee. “So? So? She’s having a bad day and yelling at everyone, and the first thing she does is grab me when I’m on a break and Reiki the crap out of me. And if I’m not available, she grabs someone else. What’s up with that?”

Ach, he can be so dramatic. Are all ER docs this dramatic? “Reiki is one of those lovely gifts where the giver benefits as much as the receiver. While she’s giving you a treatment, she gets one as well. The energy moves through her first before shooting out her palm chakras into your overworked and underpaid bod. The result is that whatever crap is invading her day gets dissipated, and she becomes as compliant and happy as a fuzzy kitten.”

“So I’m merely a conduit for her jollies.”

“Listen to yourself, you make it sound as though she’s shoving bamboo under your fingernails. You feel better, don’t you?”

Oh, how he hated to admit it. “Well, yeah.”

“Then what’s your problem? Where there were six or seven grouches in the ER, there are now two who are relaxed and having a much better day. Happy docs and nurses make for happy patients, or something like that.”

“And here I thought she was being nice,” he groused.

“Oh, not at all,” I laughed. “In truth, she’s hated your guts ever since you made her take that projectile vomiting drug seeker.”

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