Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm in love

I just bought a Kindle, and I have to say that it's lurve. Big time, sloppy, wet kissy lurve. I've uploaded all my pertinent submissions and full manuscripts that I need to read for my day job. I can make notes on them and highlight stuff. No more printing submissions and manuscripts out! Un-freaking-believable.

I even bought a few books. I'm such a huge reader, especially during lunch, and I can never hold the book in one hand, turn a page, and eat at the same time. Now I can!

It'll also be a lot easier when I go to the gym and beat my brains out for 40 minutes on the exercise bike and another 20 on the elliptical. I also uploaded a bunch of my music. Yay, yay, joy, joy.

Now if it could only help me finish my second novel, I'd be so happy that I'd let Dino call me a magical thinking, pie-eyed altie 'til the cows come home. On the other hand, Dino never needed my permission, did she? Hmm...

*Reiki hugs=20 (it's true love, after all)


R1X said...



How could you? Double shocks and horrors. Amazon is the demon! And you have helped fan its flames by purchasing your Kindle(ing) ;)

I really want one too. When they add a keyboard so that I can type my manuscript onto it too - then I'll get one.

Lynn Price said...

Rixey, it's definitely worth buying from the enemy. I've already finished reading a full manuscript and have started on another. I'm a lot more efficient. Scary...