Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is it something I did?

I’m cranky today. My refrigerator blew its lid and we could either replace the compressor for a grand or buy a new one. Goodbye $1400. ‘Twas good knowin’ ya. In the meantime, we had to race all our frozen and fridgy goodies into the garage refrig. I’m grateful for that aged and decrepit thing that never complains when I park my bike against it or stuff it with lots of beer. It has saved our butts through two blown kitchen refrigerators.

For two days I’ve gone to the kitchen fridge and reflexively opened it up in search of my water bottle. Why the smell of a burned compressor doesn’t remind me it’s broken is beyond reason. I can be unconscious most of the time, it would appear. New fridgy is due today sometime.

If that weren’t enough, I couldn’t get on the internet. Why does this shit always happen when hubby is out of town? I only know enough to be dangerous and break things. I managed to blow our business website for a whole day. I still don’t know how I did it. Not trusting anything I could do on my own, I spent my entire morning calling Cox to find out the problem. It galls me to have called three separate times just to get one person whose head didn’t reside in his poop shoot. The first guy took the easy way out. “Sorry, m’am, service is out in your area. Call back in an hour if it doesn’t come back up.” This precipitated call two. He was more helpful. He flicked nobs and punched buttons. We DOS’d, we reset, we jiggled and jingled. Nothing worked. He finally blamed it on my router and told me to call Netgear.

Unconvinced, I called back one last time and found a technogeek who loved a good mystery. We unplugged and transferred, We reset my ISP and called the bad one all sorts of nasty names. He geeked himself into getting me back online. Yay. I told him to polish his crown and iron his cape and take the rest of the day off.

At this point I’m afraid to touch my air conditioner in fear that it’ll blow its lid and melt the side of the house. Or my hairdryer. Maybe I’ll just sit in the backyard and drink margaritas.

Oh, damn, I can’t.

The blender blew last night.

*Reiki hugs=All I can get

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