Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why no, Californians don't have anything better to do

Only in California do we have concerns about how dogs feel about themselves. It seems that Verizon had an ad that put pit bulls in a “negative” light. The veterinarian in charge of changing this outrage is planning to protest in front of the Verizon building in order to raise awareness against breed discrimination.

BREED DISCRIMINATION? Are they fucking kidding me? I can see it now:

Rottweiler enters into psychiatrist’s office and lies down on the couch: I don’t know, doc. I feel defensive and betrayed because everyone sees me as a ferocious dog. I have such a bad self image that I’ve gotten to overeating. Just yesterday I ate my master’s garden hose and sprinkler head. Today, I ate the carpeting in the front hall and chased it down with water from the toilet. I’m bloated and have lost the urge to chase the mailman anymore.

Shrink: Und vat do you sink ist da problem?

Rotty: It’s that damned Verizon commercial. It’s discrimination, I tell you!

Shrink: Ja, but da dog in da commercial vas a pit bull.

Rotty: Don’t you get it, doc? (showing a set drippy fangs) We’re all lumped into the same category! We can’t say anything bad about illegal aliens or overweight people. We have to be careful around people of any color, and kibble help me if we dare say anything bad about the disabled. There oughta be a law against breed discrimination. In the meantime, I’m going to go lick my butt.

So there it is. We now have crossed the discrimination line to include animals because, after all, a dog has gotta feel good about themselves. What’s next? Pigs?

*These folks are too stupid for Reiki hugs.

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