Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whee doggies, Oldfart is ok!

I’m smiling as big as Arizona right now…I had the chance to speak directly with Oldfart. 911 is visiting Farty, and he called to say hello. Farty sounds fabulous – cracking jokes and being, well, Farty.

I’ve been an MDOD addict for some time now. Those crazy docs have become like family to me. They’re my morning belly laugh, my afternoon check in when I’m supposed to be working, and my evening rounds – so having Farty in the hospital hooked up to very nasty doctor toys has felt like one of my own is suffering.

I’ve spent my week sending oodles of prayers and a ton of Reiki to Farty in hopes that he makes a speedy recovery. Hearing his voice, so cheery and strong, well, my day – heck, my weekend – is made. I’m so grateful 911 understands how hungry we are for info and has posted daily updates on the blog – 911 you rock freshly-baked Twinkies, dude.

Farty’s gonna be ok, and 911 is leading the Jack Daniel’s brigade. Life is good.

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