Wednesday, November 19, 2008

911 Throwdown

Since I like to write about what makes people tick and the differences that drive them apart, 911’s post about muscials struck a chord in albeit funny ways. I’ve wanted to see Mama Mia in the worst way for months now. Hubby indicated that he’d rather have his eyelids inverted with rusty pliers than watch a musical.

What?? sez me. May I remind you, dear hubby ‘o mine, that you had the same reaction to Evita when it first came to Los Angeles a thousand years ago, but you took me because we were newlyweds, and that’s what newlywed hubbies do in order to keep their premenstrual newlywed wives on an even keel? You didn’t just love Evita – you LOVED it. It was YOU who insisted we see the movie version. It was YOU who bought the CD and DVD and played it until we all threatened to leave home after forcing the unreliable beagle to gnaw off your leg at the kneecaps. And what about Phantom of the Opera? We saw that how many times in L.A.?

Methinks you big ol’ guys are closet softies who hide their “I’m in touch with my feminine side” because you know full well you’ll be thrown of the Guy Kingdom by all the other guys who are trying to hide their feminine side. Admit it, 911; you live for the day when you can throw off the shackles of adhering to Guy-dome. You can’t wait to be free from following the rules and can do whatever you want.



I realize I just confused this with your getting out of emergency medicine.

Gosh. Maybe you really do hate chick musicals. Hmm. I have my spies out, just to be sure…

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Frank Drackman said...

Hey, I'm a real man, I've ridden a motorcyle 150mph, gone supersonic in a jet fighter, and had a 3 way with Italian groupies, but I LOVED "Mama Mia"!!! Saw it during its first run, audience was 98% MILFS and daughters...Real Men don't hide their ABBA jones.