Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who needs enemies when we have the NY Times?

So, the NY Times does it again by working to destroy our country. Not only did they manage to say nothing about this being Veteran's Day today, but they lead above the fold about the military making secret raids against Al Queda.

What's the big deal? Well, now our own countrymen have put American soldiers at risk. Hey, thanks, guys, that could have been my son you exposed. Had he been killed, the NY Times would be bathing in his blood. What the hell happened to this country? Would they have reported Pearl Harbor as a little misunderstanding and a bomb malfunction?

Happy Veteran's Day to all the selfless service people who gave their lives in the name of freedom. What a pity the newsies feel you're obsolete.


Don Gonzalito said...

I have an idea for "not to put your soldiers at risk": don't use them for risky missions or illegal and immoral invasions.

This piece of news came up based on a raid by US special forces into Iran (a country against which no state of war exists), that killed a civilian family of 8, for no reason. What about the danger to them?

You need to do some serious soul-searching, lady.

Lynn Price said...

Don't use them for "risky missions"? Gosh, that means we should have rolled over during Pearl Harbor and our world wars.

I have vast Middle East experience and your assertions that we committed an immoral invasion is woefully ignorant. My soul is good, Don.

Stefan said...

Everything for the sells..