Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pay yer taxes and be patriotic

I overheard two ladies talking in the grocery store the other day. One woman was exultant that Obama would make the “rich” pay more in taxes. “Spread some ‘o their excesses around so us poor folk get a hand up,” she said with a derisive snort. Totally pissed me off because, according to Obama, I’m rich. I feel like I’m suddenly wearing a big ol’ target painted on my back that says, “get your freebies here.”

I wish I could have nabbed Ms. Igotmyhandout by the short and curlies to explain the realities of us “rich” folk. We tighten our damn belts, just like real people. We had a gardener for years but decided that our taxes were going to shoot sky high, and we let him go. Buh bye Mr. Gardener. Five more houses in my neighborhood tightened their belts as well. In the course of two days, his client base dropped by half. Same thing happened with our cleaning ladies – I’m still in mourning. Three more houses in my neighborhood let them go, too. We’re still making the same income as before, but those whom we hired and fired are now bringing in far less. So who got hurt in these scenarios – us or those less financially stable?

Resorts are reporting fewer reservations, and people are staying home. This means resorts, hotels, food industries, and all the other support industries will be impacted, and that will result in layoffs.

I wanted to ask Ms. Paymewhatyougot who she thinks gets hurt when you strangle the golden goose. People who have money work damn hard to keep it. Rather than spending it and, therefore, helping to create jobs, they stay home, they tighten their belts. They save their money. So the poor, who Obama so desperately wants to help, are actually going to suck hind teat. And when we “rich” are sucked dry, what will happen to those folks whose hands have been digging into our pockets? Who will be left to rape? Does anyone believe “the rich” will be classified as anyone making $50,000? I’m betting yes because the idea of personal responsibility will have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Sure, it sounds funny now, but hey, I laughed my ass off at Demolition Man when Lenina Huxley told Sly Stallone’s character that anything deemed unhealthy had been outlawed. How long ago did NY ban trans fats from all their restaurants? Not laughing anymore, I tell you.


Frank Drackman said...

Psst Lynn, ya gotta keep quiet about the whole taxes thing!! If those 2 little old ladies didn't but $800 of lottery tickets every week the whole State economy would collapse. I'm waitin for the Media Disco Dance when O-bama increases the bottome tax rate from %10 to its Clinton era previous %15. Doesn't sound like much, but means every minimum wage earner will pay an extra grand a year. And whats this "Gardener" thing you're talking about??? Mrs D has one and she can't even spell "Garden".And those Canadians don't come here just for the medical care, its just that Canada sucks so much they're here to watch some baseball, or be around people who don't talk like the characters from "Fargo", and if you happen to get sick or need cosmetic surgery, are you gonna drive 2500 miles???

Frank Drackman

Lynn Price said...

Oh, Frank, you're always good for a snorty laugh.