Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rhetoric over substance

Goodbye to freedom. Goodbye to the foundations that this great country was built on. Goodbye to my hard-earned paycheck. Hello Marxism. Hello to everyone enjoying the fruits of my labor, hello to a president whose experience is nothing more than a community organizer. Hello to the world of Herbert Hoover. Hello to fearing terrorist attacks hitting the shores of my country. Hello to taxes that will suffocate me into submission and bleed me dry.

My heart is broken, and I have never been more afraid for our future.

Who is John Galt?


Anonymous said...

Lynn, yeah it's gonna suck, especially when he declares Shari'a law and you females have to wear Cha'dors everywhere. On the taxes, heres an idea. California's state income tax is what, like %10? Florida has NO state income tax, so even with the Federal Rate goin up, you'll be better off movin. Florida's almost like Southern Calif except for the humidity and fire ants.
C ya soon,

Lynn Price said...

Frank, we don't need no steenkin' fire ants. We have The Messiah burning a new orifice in our backsides.

SnowLite said...

I'm so depressed. :(

mark's tails said...

Seriously, this is exactly how I felt four years ago and yet I'm still here. I am being honest with you when I say that. I know you will be just fine lynn price, just as I was able to survive the last 8 years so will you.

The Hat Chick said...

Four words - Tax Avoidance is Legal

Lynn Price said...

Mark, I hear you. But eight years ago, you didn't have to worry about losing your 401K's, learning that your president plans on creating the biggest welfare nation since the days of Hoover, bankrupting a major industry (coal), and being taxed into oblivion. You didn't have to worry that your president surrounded himself with Marxists and terrorists. You didn't worry that your president was unqualified and unprepared for the job. You didn't have a president who sold the US down the river in his messianic visit to Europe.

No, sorry, I make too much money, so I'm fucked. In fact, we're all fucked.

If people don't read Atlas Shrugged now, they'll never know where they're headed; it's a sure bet Americans have no respect for history.

Dr Paul Mountfort said...

All I can say is ha, ha, ha!! The whole world has endured the nightmare of seeing the US turn into a redneck state of frightened little hockey mom's and hypocrite armchair warriors shitting fire and brimstone out its arse on innocent countries. The US was never more hated and reviled under Bush and the neocons and its foreign policy blunders earned it ever more enemies on a daily basis.

Obama at best would be more FDR than Hoover and God knows we need a Marshall Plan for the world's ruined ecology and economy. And finally you lilly white folks have to choke on a 'coloured' guy in the highest office of your land.

Stupid thing is, you probably have no idea why that's one of the few things that gives the rest of the world some hope that American may yet prove a positive force after almost a decade of insanity that has brought us all to the brink of ruin.

Anonymous said...

Shut up "Doctor" Mountfort, or I'll tell my German Relatives to invade your cowardly Frog Country again. You're not even a real DOCTOR, Monsieur FROG, but a PhD specializing in...WTF?? I can't figure out what you do, something about the Czech language..wow, wish I had some valuable skills like that. Too bad the Ardennes Offensive ran out of gas.

Lynn Price said...

Paul, you've never had the honor or burden of what it means to be an American, so I'll just leave you to your acidic drek. I don't give a rip about a person's color. I do care about a Marxist who's friends with terrorists and scammers ruining my country.