Thursday, November 20, 2008

And speaking of weather

I just read Cranky Prof's blog about the weather. It's so easy to forget that the rest of the country actually has weather. Southern California has no weather. The sun comes up, shines, a light breeze may tickle a leaf or two. The birds sing, we keep our windows open all day and all night, blah, blah, blah. How I would love some weather. Some butt-freezing, teeth-chattering, blue-lipped weather. Sure, I'd complain like a spoiled brat deprived of Daddy's Porche, but at least it would be something worth complaining about.

My buds all live in the Midwest or the East, and they talk about wind chill like it's a new flavor of ice cream. "The air is 39 degrees, but the wind chill brings it down to 30." Once I tried injecting some humor to our conversations. "Hey, the thermometer says it's 78 degrees out here, but the wind chill puts it more at 75 degre...hello? Hello? Hey, did you guys hang up on me? Hello...?"

Ah, the heck with 'em. I'll go crank up the air conditioner and put on a sweater.


SeaSpray said...

That's funny Lynn. :)

I am enjoying your book. I am not going to want it to end. I would've been done but all this stuff with my mother and so I read before bed. I do blog but that is THERAPY.. much needed right now. :)

I should put it aside and save for when I can get all comfy on the sofa when no one is home and just read for the afternoon. It's the kind of book that if I had it with me...I wouldn't care if I got stuck waiting for a long time because I could be happy reading a great book. :)

I love your writing.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

SeaSpray said...

PS...If Chamblis doesn't win...we're sunk. I have to trust that God knows what he is doing.

How do you like the idea of some people (on left of course) saying Bush should step down and let Obama get started? Whackos!

Lynn Price said...

Oh, Sea, how sweet; you bought my book. Hope you enjoy it.

As for the suggestion that Bushy step down so The Messiah can reign his, brilliance on us mere mortals, I think Bushy would be the first one to think it's a fine idea. He looks positively haggard. Screwing up the country takes work, yanno.

I still appreciate that he kept us safe, but I'm not his biggest fan. He forgot he was a Republican, which is shorthand for not growing government and spending like a drunk sailor. Let's see more Sarah and Bobby.