Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maybe I will put my money under the mattress after all

Just when I didn’t think the Dems would launch any further attacks on our freedoms, I see that they’re now after our 401 K accounts. Seems that a Democrat committee brought in a college professor because they were "intrigued" with his brilliant idea of nationalizing all our 401K's, tossing the money into social security and "giving" us a 3% return on our own money. Check it out here and here.

It’s real, kiddies, they really are out to take total control of every aspect of our lives and stamp out all opposition through the slobbering of the mainstream media and Hollywood. Dare to voice a dissenting opinion, and, you too, will see your life invaded just like SAVAK did in Iran. How long before The One takes office before people start “disappearing”? Think I’m nuts? Try reading Atlas Shrugged. That used to be science fiction.

**Amusing note, in googling to verify this, I typed in, “Dems taking over 401 K.” Google came back with this: Did you mean: demons taking over 401 K?


SeaSpray said...

How is it legal to change a plan people invested in based on what was offered/promised...then take the money and do something else with it?

I have to tell you... I ordered Donovan's Paradigm on Amazon the other night.

I read the entire excerpt on Amazon and can not wait to finish! Wow! :)

Lynn Price said...

How is it legal to change a plan people invested in based on what was offered/promised...then take the money and do something else with it?

Legal schmegal. Why get hung up on semantics? They're reply would be, " 'Cause we're the government, and we're here to help you."

I ordered Donovan's Paradigm on Amazon the other night.

Oh gosh, really, Sea? Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy it.

SeaSpray said...

I know I will. You had me so hooked and I am serious..can't wait and wondering if it will be at my door tomorrow. :)

Oh...I was watching SNL last night and felt utter distress while watching their skit where the dems take over the senate along with congress. OMG... I shutter to think about supreme court nominees etc. me crazy or in denial...but I think McCain is gonna pull it off.

We'll see.

SeaSpray said...

and one more can it be that he has never been truly vetted and there are unanswered questions?

It feels like a conspiracy.

he really does not have experience in making decisions and he does noy do well put on the spot.

That first debate..with Rick Warren... the guy couldn't even answer a question about when life begins.

btw...that was the best format ever. I felt like we got a good look at them then and he was not decisive or clear cut on anything.

sorry.. just perplexed. I can not believe the pass the media gives on him and they don't question anything. How come they aren't all over Biden for his you need an Indian accent to go into delis and gas stations in PA? Do you KNOW what would happen if Sarah or McCain or any other republican politician said that? Or the warning of an impending crisis?

I know longer trust the media. i knew not to before but this cements it.

Lynn Price said...

Why wasn't Obama vetted? Because he's black, and this would have been viewed as being a racist thing. Remember when Geraldine Ferraro made the comment, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

Oh, the outrage! Hillary immediately dumped her from her campaign. But Gerri was right. What she meant was that it's because he's BLACK that he can aspire to the most important job in the world and NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION.

Look at how the media fawns over and protects him at every turn. I can't think of a more frightening time. Class envy, American dreams, and success are under attack while socialism is being openly suggested as our savior. I wish I could put a copy of Atlas Shrugged in every household. Let people see exactly where we're headed. Then again, we do have France to hold up as a shining example, don't we?

And yet, the huddled, jealous masses don't see it. All they want is to be the benefactor of our hard earned work.

I hope you're right, Sea, and McCain pulls it off. While he's too far to the left for my tastes, I do like Sarah. And I think he'll keep this country safe from terrorists, whom Obama and Biden seem to embrace as their kinfolk.

SeaSpray said...

It's reverse discrimination! he gets the pass.

I was late to following this because I was not enthusiastic about anyone but now I wonder how Romney or Huckabee would've been?

But...I liked McCain when I saw him interviewed by Rick Warren and felt he was honest and you knew then if you wanted to vote for him or not. He is who he is.

I am more conservative too. The Supreme Court appointments that are coming up are so important and will take the country one way or the other.

I long for the day when we have political unity in this country... for the good of the people and country.

Lynn Price said...

I was a Romney fan. He is a business man and knows how to run a successful company. He understands the plight of the common folk because he employs them. And he's a true conservative.

Rick Warren - what a terrific show that was. I live about a mile away from the church, and the traffic that day was INSANE. We rode our bikes up our bike path, which gives people the feel of being out in the middle of nowhere, and had a much better view. I have to admit that we did it to see if the Secret Service guys were lurking among the bushes.

SeaSpray said...

so...were they? :)

Also...if you don't already know about it...may I recommend whiteCoat rants ED blog. This guy is so nice, family guy, funny, informative, compassionate and educational. He has a dual career but hasn't said what. I know he writes things but not sure what. he has mentioned medical things he writes.

Lynn Price said...

We didn't see any Secret Service, but I imagine they had scoped it out hours before the event took place.

I've read Whitecoat Rants any number of times. He's a great sort.