Thursday, October 30, 2008

So long, Los Angeles Times

So I canceled our subscription to the Los Angeles Times last night to protest their refusal to release a videotape where they say it shows Barack Obama praising Rashid Khalidi, a Chicago professor who was an alleged mouthpiece for the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was a designated terrorist group in the 1970s and '80s.

I’m all for protecting sources, but, frankly, I don’t believe the Times made any deal with this unnamed source about not releasing the tape. When the article first came out in June, there was never any mention in the article about, “gee, we’d love to release the tape, but we made a promise.” In fact, no source was ever mentioned at all. The article is here. Now all of a sudden, when things heat up, the Times whips out this Deep Throat? Sorry, I’m not buying it. What I do buy is that the Times is in bed with all the other bloated, liberal mainstream media.

So last night when we tried to cancel our subscription, I actually had to wait until today. Why? The volume was so high on the circulation desk, that they made us wait. No problemo. When we finally got a human, we explained why we were canceling, and the guy hung up on us! I had to call back today, and, yes, I got to lodge my protest all over again. She said she was emailing my displeasure up to the editorial department where I’m oh-so sure they’ll be all over my request. Uh huh.

I’ll be very curious to see what happens if The Messiah wins the election and the media finally reaches a point where The One’s sheen begins to tarnish. This will happen when our borders are no longer safe, we’ve retreated from Iraq and Afghanistan in crushing defeat, our economy will create food lines and record breaking unemployment. Do they really think Obama and Biden will allow such treason to sully the papers? I think not.


Michele said...


I'm right there with you. It's pretty ironic that the LA Times (along with most other media) are claiming that to not reveal the tape is an act of journalistic integrity. Oh, please. As if they actually care about integrity any longer. Good non-biased journalists are frighteningly rare these days.

I found you only after Googling the News pages and finding nothing about what's going on today with the protest that was to take place at the LA Times about this tape. But there was mention of the protest that was to take place (at least not today. Nothing.

Now if Fox was known to be hiding a tape of McCain whooping it up with a bunch of - let's say for an example: racists, do you think the situation would be the same?

Anyone with an ounce of common-sense and honesty would have to admit things would be different.

Sorry, to ramble, but it's refreshing to find someone who isn't buying The Great Obama's info-mercial-type campaign: It looks good on camera, and then falls apart the minute you put it to work.

Not that I have ever bought anything from an info-mercial... much like I haven't bought anything from Obama. But, sadly, too many have.

Lynn Price said...

Hi Michele,
Thanks for stopping by. I have never seen an election like this where so much was at stake - namely our liberty. If McCain loses, Obama owes everything to his bestest buddies - the media.

I didn't know there was supposed to be a protest at the LA Times. What a hoot.

The Hat Chick said...

Found your site through MDOD. Today, for the first time, I saw a segment on Fox Business that discussed the liberal lean of the media. The commentator and guest couldn't figure out why the "not exactly underpaid" newscasters were so hot and heavy to see Obama in office when they would be some the rich folks who would suffer directly from his policies. Their best guess was that their journalistic greed was stronger than their personal greed - meaning they wanted to be the ones to report on the first black president. Unbelievable!

Lynn Price said...

Hi Hat Chick,
The media and Hollywood have always been liberal. Having a black liberal president is a very cool thing, they believe, and they'll fawn and lie for him until they are forced to face the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, as a former LA Times Paper boy, I agree they DO Suck Donkey Balls!!! If I remember correctly, they do have the best coverage of the Dodgers though, so do like I did in 1977, Steal their papers and sell them!!! Bastards!!