Thursday, October 23, 2008

More thoughts on the other Joe…

This time I mean Joe the Plumber, not Biden. The smear tactics the libs have perpetrated on an American citizen scare the hell out of me. Suddenly I’m experiencing flashbacks of the years I lived in Iran.

Pahlavi was an American puppet, so he was an ally. But he was also a tyrant who ruled his country with an iron, paranoid fist. He owned the media, so Persians were only allowed to read “news fit to print.” He had a huge team of secret police called SAVAK, who were some of the most brutal element in the country. The common citizenry were snooped on, exposed, arrested, tortured, and killed. University kids weren’t allowed to associate with their professors unless it was in class or strictly adhered to office hours. Accidentally putting on a postage stamp upside down (which, of course, was his likeness), would have invited a watchful eye from SAVAK because this would have been seen as show of disrespect rather than a simple mistake. To this day, I still freak about putting an American stamp on upside down. Pahlavi’s rule was absolute.

Now I’m watching Obama and Biden tear apart an American citizen. They own the media – or at least most of it and, in fact, would love nothing more than to wipe Fox News Channel off the face of the earth because it would make their media ownership complete. Since they own nearly all the media, their minions set about tearing down all opposition – including an American citizen. His crime? Asking The Messiah what he plans to do about those taxes.

Obama is pissed at being cornered like this. How dare a small, insignificant bug question The One about ANYTHING? And look at Joe now. The media has torn this man’s life apart, snooping into his background, hoping to turn up something heinous. And Obama and Biden have cheered their media every step of the way. The union has turned on Joe, and now he can’t get work. The media camps on his doorstep and follows him wherever he goes. Is this what America has become, and why in hell are we allowing it? Is the media our Persian version of SAVAK, or will Obama hire those separately? Are there so many who are furiously jealous of others’ success that they can’t wait for Obama to get his grubby, undeserving hands on our money so they can now live better without having to work for it? Does anyone remember Evita, for goddsakes? Castro?

I’ve done nothing but despair the loss of my own country and fear for my and my family’s future should Obama prevail. Lord knows they’re working very hard to steal it. After all, they have the help of Ohio’s Supreme Court who will allow Acorn’s voter fraud to stand.

I’ve already lived in a tyrant nation, and I don’t want to do it again. My only solace is that, unlike the Persians, there remains a cadre of independent fighters whose ancestral blood still flows in their veins, and they will not yield to life with The Messiah and his minions. Thank God for Joe the Plumber.

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#1 Dinosaur said...

They own the media


So the only reason the media say anything positive about someone is because they are owned by them? I suppose that means you are to be congratulated on your ownership of the Independent Publishers Association, given your IPPY award; not to mention the ownership stake you must have in all the media outlets that have reviewed your books so kindly.

Oh, excuse me: Were you going to point out that anyone who praises your writing is obviously brilliant* and unbiased, but anyone who thinks Obama makes more sense than McCain is clearly in cahoots with the devil? It's sad but true that media statements we agree with are fair and balanced, but those with which we disagree are owned by the evil opposition.

You know, you will probably be safer with an Obama administration (and better off financially, despite your frenzied doomsaying) than I would be under McCain (or -- God forbid! -- Palin.)

*(true, of course)
[Love ya]