Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry, Joe, you give up your pension first

So now Jumpin’ Joe Biden is after our pension plans. Well, not ours, per se. Yet. But he told cheering crowds in Colorado that execs’ pensions of failing companies “go first.” I find that incredibly chilling. How can the government, as it currently stands, actively steal someone’s pension plans? And what reasons must they have for that kind of takeover?

He didn’t mention anything about these guys’ salaries, but their pensions. Let me say it again - THEIR PENSIONS. Now Joe has a pension, as does every other senator, and it’s backed by the US Treasury. Guaranteed. No one can touch it, no one can steal it. In fact, it’s even free from the fickle fate of the stock market. And he can dip into it anytime he wants and suffers zero penalties. Pretty cool. So Joe is sittin’ pretty. But he wants to steal someone’s pension plan because these execs, he has determined, are too greedy.

I’d like to point out that this is the private sector that Joe is planning on meddling with. In order to pull this off, he has to nationalize all the companies. The government can’t even run the dept. of motor vehicles, let alone major corporations.

Whose pensions are next after they’ve raped all the CEOs they can find? After all, it takes big bucks to feed the liberal palate – they have very expensive tastes. Heck one CEO could keep Mrs. Obama in lobsters, Persian caviar, and champagne for quite some time. Won’t be that long before they’ll be forced to set their sights on the lesser being’s pension plans. That means all you teachers, firemen, and police are next. They’ll hit up the CEOs of hospitals as well. And then they’ll come for us, and all we’ll have to look forward to is a single check from Social Security because they will have already nabbed our 401Ks – money that came from our sweat.

Will the last person who remembers what America used to be please turn out the lights?

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Anonymous said...

My Systolic Pressure goes up a good 50mm Hg whenever Biden or Clinton says they want to give Americans the same Healthcare Congress gets. What they get is FREE CARE at Bethesda or Walter Reed, and despite what you might think its not too bad. If they can't fix you they'll get a Civillian doc to come in STAT, even if its to lance an infected Anal wart. And you know the worst thing, the VIPs don't even pay the $6/day room fee that even the most junior E-1 pays (its a holdover, for some reason, active duty military have to pay for their room) but everyones too afraid to ask Senator Lardass to pay up.